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SourceCop 2022 The future of PHP copy protection.

Protect your PHP code, ensure maximum protection of your intellectual property.

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Notice: Existing SourceCop Customers

SourceCop 2022 Features

  • Protect, encode, obfuscate your PHP apps easily
  • New! Cross-platform client (Mac, Linux and Windows)
  • Supports latest PHP code and frameworks
  • No loaders or changes to server required
  • Generated code runs on Mac, Linux and Windows
  • Command-line tools to integrate CD/CI pipeline
  • Project based protection and source code backup
  • Customer management and licensing
  • Key and license based protection
  • Protect by IP address and domain name
  • Create trial keys or license expiration times
SourceCop is cross platform SourceCop is cross platform

Notice to Existing SourceCop Classic Customers

For over 10+ years, SoureCop "Classic" has been protecting PHP code and helping developers protect their intellectual property easily and affordably. SourceCop Classic was always a Windows-only application and therefore was limited and technology has greatly changed since it's original release in 2009.

Therefore, as of August 1, 2020, SourceCop "Classic" (version 1.0 and above) will be discontinued and no longer supported.

What does this mean for existing customers?

It means that the license for SourceCop will expire and SourceCop MAY no longer operate, we will discontinue support.

But there's good news: A new version of SourceCop is coming called SourceCop 2022.

Customers who purchased SourceCop on or after January 1, 2011 will be given a voucher/coupon to be able to purchase SourceCop 2022 when released.

The value of that coupon will be equal to the amount you paid for SourceCop Classic and will be applied to your subscription of SourceCop 2022 when released.

* You will be required to provide proof of license information.

Plans and Pricing

The best solution on the market to protect your PHP code for distribution and sales.

Free plan

per month

Protect a single project for free.

  • 1 SourceCop User
  • 1 Encrypted Project
  • Basic level protection
  • Email support

Annual plan


Full PHP protection and licensing.

  • Unlimited SourceCop Users
  • Unlimited Ecrypted projects
  • Project backup and recovery
  • Basic + Pro level protection
  • Licence Key Protection
  • Command-line CD/CI tools
  • Priority support